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Manufacturing Technique Of Bitumen-Rubber Binder From The Recycled Tyres

What is?

tyres image The technology of reception from a rubber crumb of the amortized automobile tire covers of the bitumen-rubber composites which are meeting the requirements of standards on road-building materials is developed. In a basis of technology process devulcanization rubbers and its dissolution in bitumens at a level of macromolecules and nanoparticle rubber lays. The given approach of overlapping of bitumen and rubber promotes essential downturn of temperature of fragility (up to 40° C), to rise in temperature of a softening (up to 65° C) and to improvement of adhesion of a composite to surfaces of any nature in comparison with the oxidized bitumens. The received bitumen-rubber composite, not exceeding on the price oil bitumen , surpasses its on all technological parameters and is suitable for use as knitting for manufacture asphalt the increased quality or waterproofing mastic with increased adhesion. The asphalt on the basis of a bitumen-rubber composite possess the increased durability and water resistance both at low, and at the increased temperatures in comparison with asphalt, used everywhere now. Service life of road coverings increases at least in one and a half time.

The know-how:

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